School Day Population Cut in Half

Half the children started school. It’s a game-changer. But when you’ve still got three kids age three and under it just means that the three kids who can make sandwiches, hold babies and have a decent conversation are gone all day. My bubbly little kindergartener in the picture below–all ready for learning and stuff.

The beginning of the year was not without it’s sorrow and angst…for me. The kids were fine. They were good examples to their mother of having an upbeat attitude in the face of unwanted change. The gusto with which they went after their first days at a new school was refreshing. I could’ve had a bunch of sad sacks who refused to go somewhere new. Alas, this was not the case. They were positive and cheerful and positively cheerful.

Noni slept in bed next to me the night before school started. I woke up and cried by myself at 4:45 am just so that I couldn’t be outdone in the drama department.



The actual first day. When Gianna was not yet a student and had the best, most helpful attitude about her entire left-out status. Not a single complaint.


And Mr. Cheerful







One thought on “School Day Population Cut in Half

  1. Special tears..I still think of Jamie laying on his Marimekko trucks and cars sheets, then laugh at the ridiculous, construction sized lunch box I sent with him to his first day of kindergarten.


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