With Butter

A friend who loves to cook and consume food once commented on the absurdity of any diet that restricted access to butter. Jamie and I just finished the Whole 30 a week ago. We did not end it as prescribed–slowly reintroducing foods to see what gives us trouble–we went out with friends and had bread, alcohol and dessert!
However, the next morning my joints hurt. No lie. It sounds like something your super healthy friend would tell you about dairy and sweets, “They inflame your joints and prevent your aminos from recuperating in a healthy cycle.” Whatever, right? Well, it’s true. My body ached the day after I broke my fast.
There’s a price to pay for all those tasty fats and sugars. I don’t plan on never paying the price again, but I do plan on being a little more conservative with my bill.
All that’s to say I don’t miss cream in my coffee; I don’t miss a bowl of cereal; I don’t really miss boring cheese (not to be confused with tasty cheese). I will still partake of alcohol when life affords it and I will still celebrate life’s celebrations with some sweets–it’s a risk I will take. I will also be preparing as many vegetable laden meaty meats as possible. And, quite honestly, I will be having a piece of bread with Kerrygold butter on it every now and then. Not because bread is so great: dat butter tho!


2 thoughts on “With Butter

  1. yes…. kerrygold! good for you guys, that’s awesome. i cut out sugar for a month and noticed a huge difference. it’s worth the effort to plan ahead and eat consciously!


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