In Honor of Nike: Just Doing It

The thing about having little kids is that they think pretty much everything I make is “awesome” or “beautiful” or “so cool.” I figure I need to cash in on their easy-to-impress ways while I can and not wait until I have the perfect materials to satisfy my snobby taste. Stella’s going to be 9 soon so I figure the clock is ticking.
After Stella was born I told myself I was going to make a wreath for each new season. I never did. I spent my time reading a Martha Stewart book about wreath making. Couple that with being a first-time mom and having a newborn/infant/toddler for a year and not a lot got done. I never had the right materials or the time to make something beautifully perfect. I did make homemade bread for a while, though.
Families with babies need good reminders to just DO certain things. The baby will cry and be unhappy anyway, so just GO to the park; just GO on your run or walk; just LEAVE the baby with a sitter; just keep making/writing/reading whatever you used to make/write/read. It will only happen in spurts, but just DO it! It’s hard, I know (trust me: I know) but it feels good to do the things you used to do. I love just sitting with my newborns and my big kids but I always feel a little better after I’ve made something–because I like to make things!
In that vein I’ve continued to try to keep making stuff–albeit imperfect–that I can either use or give away. A person can only keep so many quilts but I do love making quilts!                                     I made one of my favorite Halloween decorations before Stella was born–I love to get it out every year. This morning I just made this:

Halloween wreath

Some dollar bin Halloween garland and some cardboard. It took about ten minutes. My kids will LOVE that there’s a Halloween wreath on the front door. While I’d rather have made something fun with burlap, cornupopian vegetables and tasteful Halloween characters, I didn’t happen to have those things on hand. I kid you not, though, the little wreath I made this morning are the kinds of things that my kids remember for years! I love that about kids and I need to remember it more.



One thought on “In Honor of Nike: Just Doing It

  1. We’ve been of the same mind lately…I am like, hey, man, I was an original DIY-er/crafter from the time I was a little kid: why stop? Perfection? Time? Resources? Pinterest? Kids crying? I’ve been just going old school with what is on hand (no outside internet influence) and have been so happy with it all…just making it for us. I am encouraged by your post to press on/glue on/spraint paint on. I’ve never carved a pumpkin, so I am going to do that this year because I know my kids will love.


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